We understand how important the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is. That is why our doctors are dedicated to listening and understanding your needs and hopes. They are specially trained in breast augmentation and will strive to give you the best results possible. Our goal is to provide you with the best care before, during and after the procedure so that your expectations are exceeded.

We can help you achieve your dreams. 

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Breast augmentation is the most common and popular cosmetic procedure performed. It is designed to enhance the breast size and, in some cases, the shape with the use of an implant. Breast augmentation is one of the most rewarding and transformative procedures any woman can have. 


There are a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing an implant. Implants can vary in the texture of the surface, the fill inside the implant, the profile of the implant, the shape of the implant and finally the volume, or size, of the implant. 


The surface of an implant can be smooth or "textured."A smooth implant has a smooth and clear surface. A textured implant has microscopic ridges. Smooth implants are the most commonly used type of implant. 


All implants have an outer shell made of silicone. The inside of the implant can be filled with saline, which is a salt water solution, or with a silicone gel. Both are equally safe but have different advantages and disadvantages. 


Implants come in a variety of profiles. This refers to its appearance when viewed from the side. The options include a low, or moderate, profile, a moderate plus profile, a high profile or an extra high profile. Each profile was designed to create a specific kind of result.


In addition, implants can be round or "shaped." Shaped implants have a "tear drop" shape built into the shell. The regular round implants are the most commonly used implants. 


Lastly, each of these implant options come in a very wide range of sizes. This allows you to select an implant to give you the ideal bra and cup size you desire. 


In addition to numerous implant options, there are also numerous options for the placement of the implant within the breast and for the location of the scar. The implant can be placed above or below the muscle of the chest. The scar can be located in the belly button (umbilicus), underarm, areola or in the lower breast fold. 


Breast augmentation is a procedure that takes approximately one hour to perform. You are able to go home after the procedure. You are allowed to shower the next day. Most patients feel very good after approximately 2-3 days. Many patients return to school or work after 5 days. Your first follow up appointment will be 6-7 days after the procedure. 


During your consultation, our staff and our plastic surgeons will review all of this information in detail with you. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and result possible. 


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