Dr. John Diaz Cosmetic Surgery Care Center


An online consultation is available for those patients who live outside of the Los Angeles area or who are otherwise unable to come to our office in Beverly Hills. The online consultation consists of several steps that are designed to determine the very best options available to achieve your desired goals. These steps include a thorough questionnaire and submission of pictures. Once the information is received, we will carefully review the details and will personally contact you. You will be given the same superior level of attention and care that you would experience if you came to the office.


The next step is to submit pictures of yourself. These pictures can be submitted at any time after the online consultation form. There are 5 pictures which are needed in order to make a proper assessment. These include a photo of the breasts from the front, a picture of the breasts from an angle on each side and a picture of the breasts from each side.  The pictures should look like the examples below. Submit the pictures to the following email: info@cosmeticsurgerycarecenter.com. If needed, the pictures can be sent one at a time to the email address. Please make sure to write your name, as you have written it on the online consultation form, in the subject line or in body of the email so that we may be able to identify your pictures.